12 strands DNA Activation

by Man-yee Lam

(light imprint of Man-yee Lam, artist : Heather Anderson)

Duration of session:2 hours(one on one)/ two & a half hours(two people at the same time)

By apppointment only

Location : the Healing Place

Unit 2A, 10-16 Portland St., Yaumatei, Kowloon, Hong Kong(MTR Yaumatei Exit C)

Content of session :

  • Man-yee channels divine frequencies from Source for the activation.
  • 1.6 billion-year old ANCHI Crystal specimens「Portal」 and「Other Worldly」 assist in awakening your soul, while "the Empowerer" brings out your highest potentials.
  • incdlues a 20-minutecrystal singing bowl with light language healing session

session fee:HKD5,555(one on one)or HKD3,888/per person(two people at the same time)

Included in the session package

  • one bottle of 1 ml "DNA Activation" (the Healing Place) essential oil blend(worth HKD380)
  • ANCHI crystals in 30mm glass/stainless steel pendant(worth HKD380)
  • 6 pieces of 32mm x 32mm EMF protection stickers with Arturian sacred geometry designs by John Paul Polk : "Divine Awakening", "Soul Purpose", "Transformation", " DNA activation", "Life Force", "Bliss"(worth HKD588)

Enquiries :

whattsapp texting (852)9335-6853

email : tongrenhk@gmail.com