Man-yee Lam  

Man-yee Lam was widely recognized and esteemed for her achievements in the Hong Kong music scene long before she became a healer. She graduated from Hong Kong University (Psychology & Sociology), studied piano at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome , and composition at the Musikhochshule in Freiburg, Germany. Man-yee has composed the musical scores for over fifty Hong Kong produced movies as well as extensive musical composition for modern dance productions. She is equally highly regarded in the Pacific Rim Territories for her award-winning popular songs. To date she is still actively organizing and producing concerts for live performance. (

She studied "Tong Ren Therapy,” a complete and comprehensive approach to energy healing with its founder, Tom Tam (Boston, U.S.A.) and introduced this modality to Hong Kong in 2006. She conducted many free Tong Ren healing classes & workshops before she named her own healing modality "Integrated Energy Healing". In 2010 she became a certified "Doctor of Natural Medicine". She is a UISCA Wellness Practitioner and member of the Sound Healers Association (U.S.A.). She has studied "Multidimensional Healing" with Sheena-Gaye Rogasch of Angel Essence House (R), sound healing with Jonathan Goldman and Yantara Jiro, and Akashic Records with Gale West.

Through synchronicity, a new chapter of her life unfolded in late 2013 when she came across ANCHI crystals. (

I received this message via Glyna Yoder, one of the owners of the ANCHI mine after i sent her a photo of myself wearing an ANCHI "halo", requesting ANCHI blessings before i used the photo on an ANCHI flyer. I was utterly dumb-founded.

Man-yee Lam 

Friday, January 31, 2014

"We ask to speak to this woman. She is most dear to us.
We welcome her in our Field of Being. From long ago she will remember us in another time and place. She is most excited to greet us once more. She is most aware in her soul of who we are. Many on earth cast us aside because they do not honor the form of mineral as Conscious with great powers. She has known our Power. She accepts our Truths.

We allow her to address us as the old friends that we are. To see each and every one of us standing with her as individuals in energy form. We will give our Blessing in great abundance.
To us she is the Soul of Light who was promised to us that would spread our presence to a great people of earth whose culture reverenced our Gifts.

She is surrounded, empowered, and chosen." ~ The ANCHI

She has intuitively created many healing tools, quite a few incorporating the use of ANCHI crystals. She started making orgonite objects in 2015, and has used her inherent creativity to evolve into a visual artist producing healing jewelry, spiritual sculptures and metaphysical feng shui objects.

She has received the gift being able to channel energy from Source and angelic beings, using its power for healing and encoding into various objects.