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12 Strand DNA Activation

My name is Frank. I am 9 years old. Ms. Man-yee did 12 strands DNA activation for me in mid-January. She did it for my mother earlier.

She told me she had to get permission from my Guardian Angel before doing it. She asked me if s/he was in the room. I said “yes”. She asked for permission and got it. She then asked me if I saw any other angels. I said “yes” and she asked me very gently “how many?” I counted and there were 72. Then she asked me if I saw any other-dimensional beings as well. I told her, “monks”. Again, she asked me to count them. There were 72. (48 of the monks appeared to be of a lower rank compared to 24 who wore more elaborate robes.) She went on to ask if I saw any ANCHI beings. (I know ANCHI crystals because my mother has quite a few pieces.) I said “yes” and counted. This time there were 52. She smiled, and asked if I saw any star beings. I spotted one standing right behind her.

Then she started to do the 12 strand DNA activation. She asked me to close my eyes and put both her hands on my shoulders. (I was seated on a low bench at the very center of the Healing Place and she was sitting on a chair behind me.)

Even with my eyes closed, my inner eye saw very bright light in the shape of DNA images entering my body through her hands, (which I have come across before this session) moving from my shoulders , slowly down my back. It felt warm. After a while, the light and warmth traveled up my neck, then slowly to my head, then to the rest of my body. It was a wonderful feeling.


April 2, 2018,

Hong Kong



ANCHI cyrstals

I have collaborated with Man-yee over the last 5-years with ANCHI Crystals. She has been the most creative recipient and creator of the ANCHIs. 

There are many uses for the Crystals and Man-yee has the unique ability to utilize the Energy of the ANCHIs in the most delightful and powerful ways. 

With Man-yee’s understanding of subtle energies and how they affect the human body she has created special healing tools and jewelry with ANCHIs, such as Singing Bowls and Pyramid Pendants. She also invented her own ANCHI healing modality (including sound healing with ANCHIs, chakra healing with ANCHIs, and healing with ANCHI medicine wheels.

Mam-Yee is a pleasure to work with and her insight will help guide you to the perfect ANCHI product. 
Janice Brown 

Janice Brown 

April 5, 2018,

Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A.




April 2018

Hair Rejuvenation

To Man-Yee Lam my colleague and fellow healer,

This is a testimonial letter to thank my Dear Fellow Healer, Man-Yee Lam for offering me her lovely healing services for the Hair Rejuvenation.
“Thank You”

I am a 64 year old female who has always had very fine hair. And after speaking with my Colleague about her Hair Rejuvenation and Scalp healing technique. Man-Yee was kind enough to offer this to me. I found the entire experience to be delightful and each evening I could feel the healing energy coming through to my crown.

Being a very sensitive person to energies I was surprised at how nice this experience was. After the series of the required number of treatments I have noticed a difference in my hair volume and that I do have a lot of new hair growth. There is a definite improvement to my hair.

Yours most Sincerely

Sheena-Gaye Rogasch
Founder Owner and Operator of
Angel Essence House ®

Man-yee's note : Sheena lives in Australia and I live in Hong Kong. We have only seen each other on Facebook Messenge.


Sprained Ankle

Some years ago, I sprained my ankle. Unlike usual sprains, this one persisted…to the extent I got x-rays to check that it wasn’t more severe (no, just a bad sprain). Man-yee invited me to work with her, using remote energy healing (from Hong Kong) and following her instructions to place crystals on a picture of the problem spot. It took several additional weeks to heal, but it was only when I started working with Man-yee that I noticed a difference. She was also very easy to work with…understood my situation and intentions exactly, and was kind, professional, and engaging.

Mark Hurwich


April 21, 2018

The Healing Place is a place where many visitors do not want to leave. At my first visit on Open Day, my original plan was staying just 30 minutes. But I ended up staying for 2 hours! Because I feel good there and did not want to leave...
A month later, I was to receive 12 DNA activation session from Ms. Man Yee, although I already received 12 DNA activation from a Japanese healer in Japan three years ago. In the beginning of the session with Ms. Man Yee, she verified how much percentage of the previous activation has really been completed. To our surprise, it was 100 % activated! So Ms. Man Yee asked Angels what I really need instead of DNA activation. Angels answered that I need healing. Thus, Ms. Man Yee gave me a healing session instead. She put hands on my shoulders. Her hands were very warm. I started to cry. Shedding tears seemed the last bit of sadness from my childhood. I have been working on myself since 2013, but I feel I was still having a heaviness and sadness in my body. With this healing, Letting go of it is helping me to look forward rather than back. I appreciate her session by starting to check the previous session in Japan and also to verify what kind of session that I really need with Angels. Ms Man Yee put her client’s first. I feel this is one of many qualities of her. I am very happy to know her.

Yumi T.

April 2018

Hong Kong